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Las Colinas Dental Cleanings

Preventative care checkups are an important part of keeping your smile healthy. Since most dental problems are preventable, your six-month cleaning and exam appointment is a key element of optimal oral health. Each dental checkup in Las Colinas is customized to your unique situation and health history. As an added bonus, if you have dental insurance, most preventative care services are included at 100% under your plan.

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Exam, Cleaning & X-Rays

Preventative Cleanings

Dental cleanings help you get your smile back to a “blank slate.” Our hygienists gently remove tartar deposits, plaque buildup, and polish away superficial stain. If we notice any specific areas that have more buildup than others, we’ll discuss various home care options that may make your oral hygiene a bit easier and more effective. Hate flossing? We can show you how to use a water flosser instead. Having trouble reaching underneath a bridge? We offer various trial samples to find oral hygiene aids that make it easier to keep your smile healthy.

Dental Exams

One of our Las Colinas dentists will evaluate your teeth, gums, and existing dental work. We will also perform an oral cancer screening. If you have any concerns or treatments that need to be addressed, we’ll discuss those at this time. Please never hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!

Will I Need X-rays?

Periodic digital X-rays allow us to safely screen for things like bone loss, cavities between teeth, pathology, impacted teeth, and abscesses. They also provide insight when evaluating a child’s oral development or when screening for impacted wisdom teeth. Depending on the type of X-rays we’re taking, some are usually ordered once a year while others may be every 3-5 years.

Fluoride Treatment

Professional fluoride applications can help with tooth sensitivity, enamel demineralization, and make your teeth more resistant to cavities. We recommend a treatment after each cleaning.

Periodontal Screening

Routine screenings for periodontal disease can help you avoid tooth loss and intercept gum infections sooner. Healthier gums boost your immune system and lower your chances of other secondary medical conditions. Since gum disease is difficult to self-diagnose until it’s reached an advanced stage, it’s crucial to have your tissues regularly evaluated by our Las Colinas dentists.

Nitrous Oxide Available

Do you have sensitive teeth? A sensitive gag reflex? Do cleanings make you feel a little uneasy? Feel free to request laughing gas (nitrous oxide sedation) during your next checkup. It works quickly and there are no lingering side-effects. Nitrous can help you feel much more relaxed whether you’re due for a cleaning or need to catch up on other dental work.

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