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Our minimally-invasive all white dental fillings in Las Colinas are designed to preserve your smile and blend in with your natural tooth color. Unlike fillings of the past, these smaller restorations maximize the amount of tooth structure we can save. Their custom shades and hues make it easy to restore damaged or decaying teeth without detracting from your appearance.

Do I Need a Dental Filling?

Tooth decay is a bacterial infection. Left untreated, it will only spread further. Eventually a cavity can evolve into an abscessed nerve (requiring a root canal) or even “jump” to adjacent teeth. The best solution is to remove the decay, fill in the void, and prevent the infection from spreading. That’s exactly where our all white dental fillings come in.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Smaller cavities are best treated with dental fillings, while larger areas of structural damage may require a dental crown or root canal. Routine exams and X-rays allow us to screen for decay in places that aren’t quite visible to the naked eye. In addition to a formal exam, you should also be on the lookout for symptoms of:

Sweet sensitivity

Darkening in your enamel

Rough surfaces

Floss or food catching between teeth

Discomfort when biting or chewing

Something feeling “off”

Although some cavities can cause pain, don’t let the level of discomfort be your determining factor. Cavities can be completely asymptomatic, even if they’re severe enough to come into contact with your nerve.

Mercury Free Dental Office in Las Colinas

While the ADA has done extensive research and has deemed amalgam restorations safe and the levels of mercury found to not be harmful to patients, we understand this concern from patients. Here at Leaf – All About Smiles we use mercury-free all white fillings. These composite restorations are both safer and less invasive to your tooth enamel. Their unique characteristics allow them to bond closely to tooth structure, reducing the extent of enamel that needs to be reshaped during your procedure. Tooth colored fillings are appropriate for all ages, adults and children alike.

replacing silver amalgam filling with ceramic all white filling

What to Expect - Dental Filling Procedure

If you’ve never had a cavity and this is your first dental filling procedure, it’s normal to feel a little anxious. Our tooth colored fillings are a straightforward, minimally-invasive process that can be completed with a small amount of local anesthetic. That being said, some people prefer to request nitrous oxide sedation to help them relax a bit further. After the decay is removed, we match the resin using a special shade guide. The tooth colored filling is shaped to your tooth to make it appear whole again, then cured into place with a bright light.

The average Las Colinas dental filling appointment at our takes under an hour from start to finish to complete.

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