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Cost of Dental Implants in Las Colinas

Prospective Las Colinas dental implant patients often have one question at the top of their list: how much do dental implants cost?

The answer itself contains a lot of “what ifs” tied to questions like:

How many dental implants do you need?

What type of implant restoration do you plan on getting?

Will you need sedation?

Is soft tissue or bone grafting also necessary?

Is soft tissue or bone grafting also necessary?

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Dental Implant Pricing

As you might guess, the price for dental implants in Las Colinas itself can significantly vary from one person to the next. You don’t necessarily have to pay for an individual implant at the site of each missing tooth. Instead, you might only be getting two implants and then a bridge to fill in 2-3 teeth. Or perhaps you’re investing in an All-on-4 full mouth treatment, which restores up to 14 teeth with just four implants.

Some people may only need an individual dental implant and crown, while another party needs a sinus lift and bone graft before the implant can ever be installed. Do you see how much treatment varies? There are a variety of factors at play that affect the total out of pocket costs for implant therapy for each individual.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Every dental insurance company is unique. Years ago, it was difficult to get carriers to include implants in their benefits packages. Fortunately, today, that’s not the case. Most major dental insurance carriers do include some type of implant coverage. Just keep in mind that your allowances still include any deductibles or annual maximums as dictated by your plan. To make the process less confusing, our insurance coordinators will break down your policy benefits and write up a care plan that outlines your estimated benefits, potential out-of-pocket amounts, and the itemized fees for the type of dental implants you’re getting. That way you know how much dental implants will cost you and there won’t be any surprises.

Is Third-Party or In-House Financing Available?

Absolutely. Our Las Colinas dentist office makes it simple to fit dental implants into your monthly budget, that way you can restore your smile without having to wait another day. In addition to in-house financing, we also provide third-party payment plan options. Easily access 0% and low-interest financing with flexible payment terms.

Payment plans can also be combined with your dental insurance coverage, if applicable.

Free Implant Consultations

Not sure whether dental implants are right for you? Leaf – All About Smiles offers complimentary, hassle-free consultations to help you learn more about the process and find out whether or not they fit your lifestyle. We also offer free second opinions. As part of your visit, we’ll provide you with an estimated pricing sheet as it pertains to your unique oral health needs, insurance coverage, and personal goals.

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